Sleeveless Dress / Riot No. 3 by Kate Iverson


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Sleeveless Dress / Riot No. 3 by Kate Iverson
Sleeveless Dress / Riot No. 3 by Kate Iverson
Sleeveless Dress / Riot No. 3 by Kate Iverson
Sleeveless Dress / Riot No. 3 by Kate Iverson
Sleeveless Dress / Riot No. 3 by Kate Iverson
Sleeveless Dress / Riot No. 3 by Kate Iverson

Designed with dynamic wear in mind, the Alice Riot dress offers a sophisticated below-the-knee cut, flattering boatneck collar, and invisible side zipper. Ideal for travel, this dress can be packed away in your carry-on and will emerge sleek, smooth, and ready to wear.

  • Design Constructed in a mid-weight, wrinkle-resistant polyester/spandex-blend fabric; a bit of stretch that never distorts the limited-edition art print.
  • Sizes Available in sizes XS to 3X. Sizes run standard to large. Before ordering, we highly recommend taking your current measurements and comparing with our size chart to ensure the best possible fit.

  • About the Artist Kate Iverson's work tells vibrant yet thoughtful color stories that move between flat and dimensional objects, gestural brush strokes and clean lines.

Sleeveless Dress / Riot No. 3 by Kate Iverson
Sleeveless Dress / Riot No. 3 by Kate Iverson
Sleeveless Dress / Riot No. 3 by Kate Iverson
Sleeveless Dress / Riot No. 3 by Kate Iverson
Sleeveless Dress / Riot No. 3 by Kate Iverson
Sleeveless Dress / Riot No. 3 by Kate Iverson

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What is the size chart for Alice Riot garments?

The size chart for Alice Riot garments strives to ensure accessible fashion for a wide range of body sizes and shapes:

What is Alice Riot?

Alice Riot is a fine art and apparel brand. We offer classic women’s garments that serve as the canvases for prints of original, contemporary art. We also offer the original works by the artist featured in each collection. An Alice Riot garment is a limited-edition print and a wise investment for women looking to bring a creative spark with them, no matter the role they play or where they work.  

What makes Alice Riot unique?

Through classic styles, wrinkle-free fabrics, accessible size options and limited-edition prints, Alice Riot encourages women to celebrate contemporary female artists, while at the same time celebrating their own style and power. Our apparel collections are limited edition runs, exclusively available on Customers also have the option to invest in each collection’s original works of art.  

Who is the artist featured in the first collection?

The inaugural collection of garments showcases three original paintings by contemporary artist​ ​Kate Iverson​, a co-founder of Alice Riot.  

What is the plan for future artists?

Future collections will feature a curated set of artworks by contemporary women artists from around the world. We are actively curating artists for the next several collections.  

What apparel styles does Alice Riot offer?

Our garments are the blank canvases for each collection: well-constructed, high quality, and consistent in design from one collection to the next.

Our dresses and skirts come in a mid-weight, all-seasonal, wrinkle free blend of 90% poly, 10% spandex, chosen for both its all-seasonal weight and its ability to capture the striking prints the original paintings. It’s also very comfortable and virtually impossible to wrinkle, making it an ideal choice for women who travel. 

  • ​Pencil skirt
  • ​Midi skirt
  • ​Sleeveless sheath dress
  • ​¾ sleeve sheath dress

We also feature two sizes of scarves, in 100% silk:

  • ​40” square
  • ​40”x70”


 Will Alice Riot change the designs of the garments from one collection to the next?

We will introduce additional garment styles as we launch future collections, starting with a long-sleeved, floor-length dress in early 2019. However, we do not intend to change the current garments - we want the fit and style of an Alice Riot garment to be consistent and classic. 


What are the key garment features?

  • ​High quality art prints – works with the fabric stretch with no distortion of the print
  • ​Classic styles – appropriate for dress-code work environments
  • Minimal seams in construction – ensures maximum surface areas to showcase the art prints
  • ​​Comfortable fit – arm gussets, necklines, waist and hips that move with your body
  • Traditional cuts – below-knee length, tailored but not too tight
  • Easy care – dry clean if you’re fancy, but delicate wash and line dry is just fine
  • ​Accessible size options – XS to 3X
  • Wrinkle free fabric – moderate stretch, no pilling
  • ​Travel friendly – roll it in a ball or shove it in a bag, and it’ll still look fantastic

How are the original paintings transferred onto the fabric?

The process is a relatively common, digitally-printed heat-set process, which ensures the print stays put when washed. The process is actually quite similar to how an artist and fine art printer create a traditional paper print; the same rules apply, just with a different type of printer and medium. 

What are the product care instructions?

  • ​Garments: Wash delicate cold; line dry – or dry clean, if you’re fancy
  • ​Scarves: dry clean only


Why are there only a limited number of garments offered in each collection?

The garments in each collection are limited-edition prints of original works of art. This is a shopping experience that is not based on mass production of garments.

What is the price point for an Alice Riot garment, and how does it compare with other women’s clothing?

Alice Riot prides itself on providing women an accessible option to original works of art at a price point comparable with mass-retail women’s apparel brands, as well as premium designers:

  • Pencil skirt: $200 
  • Midi skirt: $200 
  • Sleeveless sheath dress: $325 
  • ¾ sleeve sheath dress: $375 

Who is Alice?

The name Alice has significant meaning to ​Kelly Groehler​ and​ ​Kate Iverson​, the co-founders of Alice Riot. Who is Alice? Alice is Kate’s young niece. Alice is Kelly’s beloved late great aunt. Alice Riot​ ​honors both of them, the girl and the woman: the encouragement to break from tradition, to support other women, to embrace creativity and art, and to authentically chase our professional dreams.  

How does Alice Riot manufacture its garments?

We are pleased with all of our partners who are helping us launch Alice Riot, including Lucky Style Ltd. in Hong Kong, which reps Alice Riot, and On Yang Manufacturing in Dongguan, PRC, where the garments are cut and sewn. We have witnessed in our careers how free and fair trade has lifted people all over the world, and we are confident that our products are being made today in good working conditions. As we gain traction for our brand and grow our volumes, we will be constantly examining the ways we can continuously improve our social and environmental impact. We ultimately seek to raise the conditions of all who engage with Alice Riot – not just for the female artists we work with and the women who buy and wear our collections, but with everyone involved in our newly-created supply chain, anywhere in the world.

What if I need to exchange or return my purchase?

We have a no-questions return policy: we provide a 90% refund on both returned garments and the original works of art.