Sarong - 40" x 70" / "Untitled," 2019 – Lady Pink


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Museum-quality print on 100% viscose.

  • Original Work

    Untitled is an homage to the legacy of 1980s NYC subway graffiti tags. Lady Pink combines her original graffiti tags with nods to other legendary writers of that time – including Sane Smith, the notorious writer duo that famously hit the top of the Brooklyn Bridge (one half of whom Pink is married to and collaborates with under the moniker PinkSmith). The painting speaks to the tremendous shifts in culture at that time; it’s a rare, introspective glimpse into the 1980s through the eyes of one who undoubtedly helped shape its history and its impact on culture today.

  • About the Artist

    Born in Ecuador and raised in New York City, Lady Pink is an institution. She started writing on trains in 1979, soon earning a reputation in the NYC graffiti subculture as the only female who actively competed with the boys. Over the years, she's focused on using art as an act of rebellion and self-expression — both on the street and in the gallery. Her graffiti work, a starring role the iconic 1982 motion picture "Wild Style,” and other significant contributions have made Pink a cult figure whose story is deeply woven into the fabric of New York City.

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